A dental crown covers a tooth’s surface in order to prevent damage while also to restore the original look of a tooth. Sometime a crown is also called a cap. This procedure strengthens a tooth’s structure when either a filling or a restoration won’t suffice.

The most popular crown at Dental Care of Mid Florida is the porcelain one since it matches the color of teeth. Porcelain crowns will match the shape size and color of your teeth so it looks absolutely natural and attractive. Crowns are fairly enduring and strong but may need replacing after many years of wear.

Reasons for crowns:

Dental Crown Process

It requires approximately two appointments for a dental crown. We take many molds to create your custom crown accurately. We use the mold to create a temporary crown for up to two weeks while your final crown gets created in the laboratory.

The dental crown procedure:

  • We numb the area surrounding the tooth
  • The dentist removes any decay in the tooth and shapes the surface so the crown fits.
  • Next the dentist checks your bite and tests the bite proportions with a cement material.
  • Then you are sent home
  • In the second appointment the dentist removes the temporary crown, cleans the tooth and places the new crown in the space.

We always give our patients dental crown care instructions to ensure successful recovery and healing.

If you need to consult with our dentists for a dental crown or if you want to know the dental crown cost and details contact us now for an appointment.