The ever dreaded root canal therapy is needed when a tooth decays or gets infected. A root canal is not just to inflict pain or inconvenience upon our patients. It’s actually to save the decaying tooth from further damage. We save it by eliminating the nerves, decay and bacteria that set inside the tooth and then fill that space with material that is medicated and especially designed to restore a tooth to full, healthy function again.

To avoid pulling a rotten tooth completely from an adult’s mouth, we save that tooth by performing a root canal. Tooth removal is an option but not really the better option. Root canals save a mouth from further damage to the adjacent teeth around a decaying tooth. Pulling that tooth completely is more costly and more problematic long-term. A root canal treatment is performed so that long-term toth health and success follows.

The Symptoms that Lead to Root Canal Therapy:

  • the tooth is sensitive to cold or hot temperatures
  • the tooth is extremely painful
  • the area is swollen or tender
  • there is a gum abscess
  • sometimes no symptoms

The Reasons Root Canal Therapy is Necessary:

  • the tooth has experienced injury or trauma
  • the tooth pulp is decaying
  • there is an infection or abscess inside the tooth or near the root

What A Root Canal at Dental Care of Mid Florida Involves

Our professional, caring dentists will need one or more appointments with the patient to perform the root canal procedure. The procedure includes the following:

  • First we numb the tooth and place a rubber dam around it so that the area stays dry
  • We make an opening beginning at the top of the tooth
  • Then we place a series of root canal files in the opening to remove the pulp, bacteria and all the nerve tissue
  • Using special instruments we remove any decaying parts of the tooth
  • Finally we seal the root canal with a medicated, permanent filling
  • We always place a crown cap over a finished root canal to protect the tooth and make it as strong as it was before.

Note: after a root canal, the tooth may be sensitive for a time. This is normal. Once the inflammation decreases, the tooth will be fully healed and you will not experience any more sensitivity.

We always send Root Canal patients home with specific care instructions. And we never stop reminding our patients to brush and floss regularly and come back for regular visits to keep a healthy, happy mouth.

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