Dental Care of Mid Florida is open during the COVID-19 public health crisis for dental emergencies and we are now offering TeleDentistry Services. Click HERE for more information. 


Talk To Your Dental Care of Mid Florida Dentists

Your health and safety are always our top priority. Dental Care of Mid Florida is open during the COVID-19 public health crisis for dental emergencies. 

  • Our online dental consultation lets you speak with one of our dentists prior to making a physical appointment 

  • With Teledentistry you can speak with a dentist from the comfort of your home.

  • The Teledentistry consultation cost is $46

  • If you need an emergency dental appointment, we will schedule you at one of our Dental Care of Mid Florida offices immediately.

  • Dental Care of Mid Florida has infection control policies and procedures in place that meets the Center for Disease Control’s requirements for dental practices.

  • In compliance with the Governor's executive order preventing any dental services that would be considered non-emergency and the state directive to maintain social distancing, these services will allow you access to the Dental Care of Mid Florida dentists from the comfort of your own home.  

  • Privacy Notice: All Dental Care of Mid Florida teledentistry consultations are conducted over a safe and secure Protected Health Information-approved Zoom network to protect the privacy of our patients.

Here is how it works: 

Step 1: Complete the Online Form Below

Choose One

Step 2: NEW & EXISTING Patients: Follow THIS LINK to fill out our online paperwork

Step 3: Take Photos

Do your best to take photos of the area of concern. Have someone help you if necessary. Remember, the back camera of your smartphone takes better quality images.

  • Have your photos ready to share when you get on your consultation.

Step 4: Receive a Response from a Dentist

Once a dentist has reviewed your form, you’ll receive an email with a Zoom link.

  • If you’re a first-time Zoom user, click on the link and install the Zoom app.

  • If you already have Zoom installed, simply click on the link or enter Meeting ID.

  • If you’re having trouble installing or joining Zoom, visit their help center and watch this video.

Step 5: Begin the Online Consultation

Once Zoom is installed, you are ready to join the consultation with our dentist.

Step 6: Payment

After the consultation and diagnosis, our billing department will contact you for payment.

Step 7: Schedule an Office Appointment

If treatment is necessary, our team will schedule an appointment for you at one of our Dental Care of Mid Florida offices.