Many people have a condition called Tempro-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome (TMJ). Typically it evidences in severe headaches, a painful jaw, teeth grinding and even ringing in the ears. Most people have TMJ and suffer with these symptoms but don’t know that they have TMJ, nor do they understand that it is easily treated at Dental Care of Mid Florida.

No one deserves to suffer with TMJ symptoms in everyday life. The procedure we do to treat TMJ has great success relieving our patients’ pain and bringing an improved overall quality of life. Our dentists can test, diagnose, and immediately form a treatment plan for all TMJ sufferers.

TMJ Causes

  • Stress – often TMJ symptoms flair up when there is prolonged and intense stress levels in a patient’s life. This can also lead to uncommon dizziness or neck pain.
  • Teeth Misalignment – a bad bite may lead to TMJ and should be addressed immediately so further damage does not occur. Our dentist will re-align teeth without requiring a complicated, painful or expensive surgery. And, the good news is that proper teeth realignment can eliminate the headaches and jaw pain right away.
  • Teeth Grinding – this is a common effect which happens most often during sleep. eventually unaddressed teeth grinding leads to tooth erosion and can lead to severe dental problems in the future.
  • Injury – if the jaw gets hit or jolted out of place, this can lead to TMJ symptoms.

When TMJ goes untreated, it could lead to jawbone erosion and can cause teeth to loosen – not good! If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, contact us today to get a TMJ assessment.

Best TMJ treatment in Florida

  • The dentists perform a through jaw examination
  • They assess the bite, take x-rays and form a custom treatment plan.
  • The dentist will then do one of the following:
    • offer a custom fitted mouth guard to stop grinding teeth at night
    • perform a bite relationship analysis
    • suggest relaxation exercises to lessen stress levels
    • prescribe muscle relaxants
    • Re-adjust the mouth with realignment.

Bite Realignment for TMJ Treatment

To treat the TMJ issue of misalignment and alleviate symptoms realignment is highly effective. It can even improve the aesthetic appearance. This procedure will adjust the way that the upper and lower teeth meet. A few adjustments may be necessary to complete the alignment successfully. At times the patient needs new restorations or adjustments to the natural teeth.

Need to talk to us about our TMJ Treatment approach? Contact us today so we can get you swiftly on the path to less pain, and better oral health.