The team at Dental Care of Mid Florida cannot stress enough how imperative a preventive program is for each patient. A Preventive program consists of a collaborative effort among the patient, dentist and dental staff to care for and preserve the natural dentition and prevent decay or disease.

The first step to preventing dental disease begins at home. Good hygiene consisting of regular brushing after meals and a well balanced diet are essential to a clean and healthy mouth.

The next step happens at the dental office where the dentist  and dental hygienist progress your oral health through regular mouth exams, cleanings, and x-rays. Your dental team is here to promote and maintain your optimal oral health.

In certain cases sealants and fluoride can help prevent decay and protect your teeth. If you wish to avoid costly dental problems and painful or intrusive dental treatments, then the best thing you can do is begin your prevention program today. These are the keys to a healthy, radiant smile.