Dental scaling and root planning removes etiologic agents that cause the gum tissue to become inflamed. The etiologic agents our hygienists remove is the conventional periodontal therapy such as plaque and tartar.

Scaling and root planning are non-surgical procedures that completely cleanse the gums and benefit the oral health of our patients who suffer from gingivitis or periodontal disease.

Why Scaling & Root Planning is Necessary

Both procedures are typically used for preventative oral health reasons and are stand alone treatments.

We have compiled the list of reasons for planning or scaling the root:

  • To prevent disease: When periodontal disease sets in there is travelling bacteria which can go through the bloodstream and affect other parts of the body. Periodontal bacteria has even been linked to aiding in lung infections and even heart disease. It is nothing to mess with. We recommend root planning and scaling as a preventative oral health measure to remove the bacteria and stop the spread or progression of periodontal disease.
  • To protect teeth: some patients have deep gum pockets that are prime locations for bacteria to collect and get stored. This dangerous occurrence leads to inflammation, and even worse, it destroys the gum tissue and jawbone. Eventually, when bacteria is not removed from gum pockets it could cause tooth loss. Gum bacteria is the leading known cause of tooth loss today.
  • To remedy bad breath: Halitosis the technical name for bad breath. When a patient has persistent bad breath it typically indicates periodontal disease has set in. Come in for a cleaning procedure where our dentists will do root scaling and planning to preserve the health of your mouth.
  • Improving or preserving tooth aesthetics: the many benefits of tooth planning and scaling are many, but some aesthetic benefits include stain removal and plaque removal. This detailed cleaning can vastly improve the appearance and health of teeth.

What to Expect from a Scaling & Root Planning Treatment

First we perform a thorough oral examination. This includes the following:

  • x-rays
  • a visual exam
  • and a diagnosis

Scaling – using dental instruments and occasionally an ultrasonic scaling tool our hygienists remove plaque and tartar.  Depending on how deep the gum pockets are the hygienist may need to use a local anesthetic to numb the area. Scaling will clean the crown of the tooth as well as the root surface. Our scaling tool is great because it has an irrigation process that can deliver an antimicrobial agent below the gums to reduce oral bacteria.

Root Planning – During this procedure the hygienist removes  cementum and surface dentin that has embedded with nasty toxins or harmful microorganisms. During planning the tooth’s root is smoothed to improve and heal the tooth. A clean, smooth root surface helps prevent bacteria growth or colonization.

After the scaling or planning procedure we may need to treat the area with antibiotics. It will increase the healing process and soothe any irritation that occurs after the procedure.

We always have the patients come back for a follow-up appointment where we do a thorough exam to ensure the gums have healed adequately. If we measure gum pockets are still 3mm deep we will recommend an additional treatment but this instance is not common.
Come in to Dental Care of Mid Florida for root planning and scaling procedures that will preserve your teeth and gums immensely. Contact us here to set up your appointment.