With the help of fluorides and broader patient awareness surrounding tooth decay prevention, fewer patients have tooth decay today than in past decades. Tooth decay has significantly decreased over the years, but even with better oral hygiene and increased awareness, teeth are still sometimes susceptible to decay, breakage and infection that will require the tooth to be restored to health. Dental Care of Mid Florida is here to help our patients from all around Florida.

Modern technology gives dentists like us more options for restoring a tooth back to a healthy appearance, function and shape.

Why might you need restorative dental treatment?

  • fill gaps and spaces between teeth
  • improve an over or under bite
  • prevent tooth loss
  • beautify your smile
  • replace missing teeth
  • restore your normal chewing and eating
  • relieve pain
  • replace old or worn out dental treatments

In the case your tooth requires dental restorations treatment, our dentists will help lead you towards the best available options. They will recommend their top treatment for you to get a satisfactory, low invasive, and quick restorative treatment.

We have many restorative treatments for you to choose from based on your individual needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment to speak with our professional dentists about a restorative treatment option that’s right for you.