In essence, a denture is a tooth replacement for missing teeth that is made to identically resemble the old teeth and is a removable application. Dentures are quite versatile actually. They can look pretty much however the patient prefers – identical to the previous teeth or even enhanced. Sebring, Florida Residents trust our team at Dental Care of Mid Florida for all their denture applications.

The Types of Dentures Florida Residents Choose from

Two main types of dentures exist – partial or complete.

Partial dentures – do not replace the whole set of teeth, but only a section. it fills the space of a missing tooth or teeth while preserving the integrity of remaining teeth.

Complete dentures – replace the entire mouth full of teeth; no natural teeth remain. a conventional complete denture is made after the teeth have all been removed and the gums have had time to fully heal. This takes 4 to 6 weeks. The hardest part of this time period is that the patient has to go without teeth. The second choice is called immediate dentures and they get made in advance so that we can place them after the teeth have been removed. With immediate denture, the gums will shift in size after they heal so the denture will likely need adjusting shortly after the procedure.

Dentures are made to be durable and long lasting but may need to be repaired or remade after many years of normal wear.

Why Get Dentures:

  • to improve speech, aid in normal digestion, and help with chewing
  • to enhance your smile and facial tissues after teeth have been removed.
  • to protect the remaining teeth after several teeth have been removed
  • to replace the teeth and restore a glowing smile when all the teeth need to be removed.

What to expect during a denture application:

This may be a process that requires a succession of appointments across several weeks. Here’s what we will do:

  1. make molds of the teeth that are precise
  2. take measurements to ensure accurate size of the newly created custom denture
  3. several appointments to fit, shape and adjust the molds for proper denture size and look
  4. finally adjust and place the completed denture in the mouth to ensure natural feel and appearance

After the denture is set you may experience excess saliva flow, some soreness, difficulty chewing or possible speech change. This is all temporary as it takes a little time for the muscles and tissue to adjust to the new dentures and work optimally again.

We will send you with custom care instructions and encourage you to take special care of the dentures for optimum results.

If you have the need for a denture application contact us to schedule your appointment.