Why Florida Residents Choose CEREC®

Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC®) has revolutionized dental procedures at Dental Care of Mid Florida. Traditionally, it took multiple procedures to treat crowns, onlays, inlays or dental veneers in order to restore damaged teeth. In addition, the required waiting time between procedures would make the process lengthy and burdensome. Dental Care of Mid Florida needed something quick and effective. We found CEREC® and everything changed. CEREC® creates ceramic restorations in just minutes right in our dental office so that many treatments can be completed in just one short visit.

How Dental Care of Mid Florida CEREC®  Works

Two aspects make CEREC® possible – computer-assisted design (CAD) tools and a milling machine that creates custom ceramic restorative devices. In other words, CEREC® is highly versatile; it can make almost any ceramic restoration to order. Our dentists can place the ceramic restoration immediately during a patient’s visit with the help of the versatile CEREC® technology. Our goal is to provide high quality ceramic restorations with a low-stress experience and in a short amount of time. CEREC® makes this possible and helps ensure the safety and comfort of our patients during their short dental visit.

How can CEREC® benefit me?

We believe that anyone who needs a ceramic restoration device can benefit from CEREC® . We can guarantee CEREC®  effectiveness to all patients unless the patient has a deep bite or the patient has a history of breaking ceramic devices. The proven lifespan for CEREC® devices is 5+ years; however, new research shows that most CEREC® restorations last for more than 10 years.

Here are some other advantages associated with CEREC®:

  • Top level ceramic products
  • Fewer injections necessary
  • Minimally invasive
  • Less discomfort
  • Nothing temporarily restored
  • Fewer required dental visits
  • Lower cost over time
  • Preserves more of the natural tooth
  • Restorations last a long time
  • Fully biocompatible

What does Dental Care of Mid Florida CEREC®restoration procedure look like?

Tooth Preparation

The tooth needs to be prepared for the procedure. First, the dentist removes tooth decay and creates a divergent occlusal axial wall. This makes the opening of the tooth wider than the base.

Image Taking

Next, the dentist makes an impression using a covering of titanium dust. The dust is the most effective way to allow the camera to take a very detailed picture of the tooth. The CEREC camera takes images with an infrared wavelength.

Restoration Design

This allows the image to be transposed onto the computer screen so our dentists can view the tooth from all angles and customize the restoration procedure.

Restoration Milling

Once the dentist has completed the restoration design, the plans are transmitted to the milling unit. To make sure that the restoration blends in with the tooth, the dentist picks a ceramic block for the design that matches the tooth.

It only takes roughly 15 minutes for the onlay, inlay, dental veneer or crown full crown to complete. The highly durable and strong restoration is made of compressed, rather than laboratory-layered porcelain.

The dentist always places the tooth in dry to make sure that if fits properly before permanently affixing it. If it fits, the restoration is polished and then adhered to the tooth with dental cement. That’s all it takes! The procedure is complete in a matter of minutes without requiring the patient to come back for multiple visits.

CEREC delivers the same results as laboratory-generated restoration but takes only a fraction of the time and saves the patient lots of money.

Interested in CEREC  for your dental restoration needs? Give Dental Care of Mid Florida a call today at 863-382-9090 to schedule your consultation.