Here at Dental Care of Mid Florida we use BIOLASE® technology to give our patients high-quality dental care with a low-fear experience.

Many ask us how this is possible, and here’s what we tell them:

BIOLASE® Technology is a less invasive dental laser that can perform many common dental procedures without the use of noisy, shaky, and heated dental devices. The laser replaces the dreaded, vibrating drill and reduces our patients’ anxiety levels by a critical degree.

How BIOLASE® Technology Works

BIOLASE® is hydrokinetic technology. The WaterLase® device uses laser-powered water droplets to eliminate hard or soft tissue. This technology combines water and air in precise proportions that effectively moves within the handpiece and inside the target area of the tooth or gum simultaneously. Through continuous water and air flow, the WaterLase® device rehydrates the tooth and prevents heat and pain.

The key to BIOLASE® technology is its perfect balance of air and water which allows it to be both precise at surgically cutting soft tissue, as well as effective at removing enamel or dentin.

This profound device causes liquid to evaporate quickly therefore lessening the amount of bleeding and salivating so that the procedure is quick and effective. It’s precision makes the lines cleaner and causes less damage to surrounding areas therefore lessening swelling, reducing pain and eliminating the need for stitches.

What BIOLASE® does

  • Removes soft and hard tissue
  • Removes diseased, infected, or inflamed soft tissue inside the periodontal pocket
  • Cleans incisions, vaporizes and ablates oral soft tissue
  • Exposes impacted teeth
  • Removes fibroma
  • Treats canker sores, ulcers and cold sores
  • Removes inflamed pulp chamber (pulpotomy)
  • Removes diseased gum (gingivectomy)
  • Prepares flap
  • Stops blood flow (Hemostasis)
  • Removes section of gingival tissue (frenectomy)
  • Lengthens crown
  • Cleans root canal
  • Removes tissue from past surgeries
  • Treats sensitive teeth
  • Lifts gums
  • Prepares, cleans and disinfects root canal
  • Cuts, shaves, resects and contours bone

Because the non-surgical procedure is done with a laser, the procedures does not involve a scalpel and does not require stitches. Thus, the recovery time from a WaterLase® procedure is much quicker than traditional dental procedures. During the procedure, the laser sterilizes the gum pocket which kills the bacteria that could harm the patient’s mouth during recovery. All around, the laser treatment gives patients a healthier mouth because it reduces the gum pockets’ size, and increases the bone height around teeth.

Is it time you asked the professionals at Dental Care of Mid Florida about BIOLASE® waterless laser dentistry? We can’t think of a better time than now to have pain-free, rapid recovery, dental care. Contact us today.