In a few short days we celebrate the Sebring Seafood and Music Festival (Click HEREformore info). The Festival includes two jam packed days filled withgames and activities for kids, live music, and fun with friends.One of our favorite parts of the festival is all of the delish food options! Not only is there amazing seafood, the festival foods we all love will be in full force. While cotton candy, carmel apples, corn on the cob and kettle corn aren't great for your teeth, these simple strategies will keep your teeth and gums happy long after the festival concludes: Pick One Sweet Treat: Before you eat, take a lap around the festival to scope out the food options. Pick one sweet treat that you crave (preferably something you can't get anywhere else) and enjoy that food so that your mouth doesn't get overwhelmed with sugar. Another good option is to share several treats among friends so you can enjoy lots of great food with minimal effect to your mouth. Drink Lots of Water: Not only is hydration important, drinking lots of water flushes the food particles like popcorn kernels away from your teeth. Make sure you drink 8-12 ounces every hour you are at the festival. Brush and Floss When you Get Home: After you get home, immediately brush and floss your teeth to remove the particles that hover in and around your teeth and gums. We hope you have fun at the Sebring Seafood and Music Festival and even splurge on a little bit of fair food, but when you're done, come in and see us!