Your smile communicates a lot about you. Smiles are contagious and like laughter, smiling provides countless mental, physical, social and emotional benefits. Plus, it is easier to smile than frown. While we can give you many reasons to smile, we wanted to highlight you four solid reasons to smile in the New Year and continue smiling throughout 2018.

  • Smiles boost your immunity: The more you smile, the more your physical health improves. When you smile, your entire body relaxes allowing your body to build white blood cells and ward off sickness. Plus, it is much easier for your body to fight off sickness when your body is relaxed.
  • Smiles positively affect your mood: Smiles make you naturally happier. Smiling is a natural stress reliever. When you smile your body releases endorphins (the same "feel good" benefit you receive after a good workout). Regardless of your mood, when you flash a smile your mood improves! When you smile around others, it spreads the happiness because smiling is a universal sign of joy.
  • Smiles make you more attractive: A smile is the cheapest makeover available, in fact, it's free. A recent study found that people found women 69% more attractive with a smile than when they are simply wearing make-up. Smiling also makes you look longer because the muscles used to smile naturally lift your face.
  • Smiles build trust: Your smile is a key factor in making a great first impression. When you smile it builds your credibility. Smiling can help you get a job, develop friendships, and land that promotion. Smiles are contagious; when you smile the people around you can't help but smile back.
We hope you resolve to smile more in the New Year. If you don't love your smile don't wait any longer to give yourself a smile makeover! Whether you have a chipped or missing tooth, have poor alignment, a gap between teeth, stained or discolored teeth don't wait any longer to upgrade your smile. There are many options to help you start the process.