Who doesn't want whiter teeth? Over time, factors including aging, decades of coffee consumption, smoking, or even a poor diet, your pearly whites can fade to yellow or worse, brown. This leads to embarrassment over their teeth and some people even try to conceal their teeth when they smile. The good news is that you don't have to be embarrassed any longer. There are ways to naturally restore your teeth to a brighter, whiter smile. We've included six simple methods to naturally whiten teeth: Consistent Brushing and Flossing: Taking time after every meal to brush and floss your teeth are one of the simplest ways to keep your smile solid. The trick is to make this a daily habit and keeping a toothbrush with you in your purse, briefcase, or car. Coconut Oil: This may sound strange, but by swishing coconut oil around your mouth for 5-10 minutes a day can naturally whiten your smile. Coconut oil is antimicrobial which means that applying it around your teeth and gums will also strengthen while whitening. Another added benefit is it makes your teeth smoother and shinier. Baking Soda &/or hydrogen peroxide: Both baking soda and hydrogen peroxide each independently have natural teeth whitening capabilities but when you combine the two ingredients together this magical paste has many health benefits. This dynamic duo can also fight bad breath, eliminate plaque all while fighting gum disease. Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar is great for removing stubborn stains on your teeth. Swish it around your mouth every day after you brush. Give it time, typically 30 days and you'll start seeing amazing results. Because of the high acidity level in apple cider vinegar, you should always rinse your mouth with water afterwards so that it will not reduce the enamel on your teeth. Citrus Peels: Who knew that the peels of lemons, oranges, and/or grapefruits could also naturally whiten teeth. Just like apple cider vinegar, the acid levels in the peel erases the stains on your teeth and you will also need to rinse your mouth with water. Turmeric: While turmeric is most often associated with cooking, it also offers a host of health benefits including teeth whitening. For best results, mix a dash of turmeric with coconut oil and brush the paste with your toothbrush. While your toothbrush will turn yellow, it is a small price to pay for whiter teeth.