Forget tube socks, give the gift of a healthy smile this season. If you are struggling to find a great gift for your loved ones,yule love these fun dental related gifts and stocking stuffers. Dental gifts can be used for years to come and ultimately improve a person's health. Oh, and feel free to treat yourself with one or two of these gift ideas too! 1) Toothbrush & Tooth floss: A classic stocking stuffer for anyone on your list. No one can have too many toothbrushes, especially when eating sweets all season. 2) Sugar Free Gum: Another great stocking stuffer that fights bad breath and can even help reduce cavities. Chewing gum helps to stimulate saliva which helps cleanse your teeth and gums. 3) Water Flosser: For those with braces or orthodontia, a water flosser is the gift that keeps on giving. Use the flosser after you brush to free any food stuck in your teeth. This handy gadget makes flossing easy and fun! 4) Teeth Whitening Treatment: Everyone wants a brighter smile, so schedule a teeth whitening treatment through Dental Care of Mid-Florida. Call to make an appointment or inquire about a gift certificate. 5) Electronic Toothbrush: Combat cavities with an electronic toothbrush. This impressive tool that can produce as much as 31,000 strokes per minute (vs. 300 brushes per minute with a hand held toothbrush) removing the most stubborn plaque and food stains. If any of these gifts piqued your interest but you aren't sure which product to purchase, don't hesitate to contact us.