Going green is not limited to Earthy Day. Helping conserve the earth's resources should be a part of every activity. It's not justabout driving less, eating more local foods and turning off the lights when you leave a room, but it also involves your dental health practices too. Many of our dental habits are part of an everyday routine; tasks we complete mindlessly. In honor of Earth Day, we urge you to you to take a look at your dental hygiene routine and see where you can conserve. Conserve Water: This may seem obvious, but many people brush their teeth with the water running. This wastes water (up to 200 gallons each month), by simply wetting your toothbrush and turning off the tap you save money and helps conserve resources. Unplug: How many appliances do you leave plugged into your bathroom? An electric toothbrush, curling iron, and scented plug-ins do not need to be charged 24-7. This coupled with turning off the light in your bathroom when you leave a room will save energy and cut down on costs. Use Less: Most people use more dental floss, toothpaste, and mouthwash than they actually need each day. Reducing your consumption will have a major environmental impact. Recycle your toothbrushes: Plastic toothbrushes are made of plastic which are not recyclable but they can be reused for other purposes. A toothbrush should only be used for brushing teeth for up to 4 months, but later can be used to clean keyboards, grout, the air dust vents in your car or other hard to reach spaces. Another environmentally friendly option is to use electric toothbrushes which only require the toothbrush head to be replaced.