A child's first dental check-up is an important milestone, but can also be a scary one. Once yourbaby's first tooth appears, it is time to schedule their first visit sometime within the next six months. We recommend scheduling the appointment early in the day so your child is alert. It is important to remain calm and relaxed to reinforce and reassure your child they are in good hands with the dentist. Children don't naturally dread visiting the dentist however children can sense fear, anxiety, and dread from their parents. You don't want them to mirror your behavior. You can set the tone for their upcoming dental visit by talking to your child about the dentist, reading board books about the dentist visit or even show them Elmo visiting the dentist. A child rarely needs treatment during their first visit.They will most likely only inspect their teeth and gums to make sure the teeth are developing correctly. This visit is also a great opportunity for you to ask questions of your dentist and to learn to properly care for your child's teeth. If your child does have a melt-down, don't worry, they're not the first. Our team at Dental Care of Mid-Florida is ready to make your child's first visit a positive experience.