Let's face it, kids aren't the only one who enjoy Easter candy each spring. Jelly belly, chocolate bunnies, and peeps are just some of the treats blooming in their baskets. After Halloween, Easter is the most popular holiday for candy sales. This year, 87% of Americans plan to indulge in Easter candy. While we love celebrating Easter, overindulgence in candy can lead to dental problems for children and adults alike. Don't let spring, break your teeth, instead spring into action and keep your teeth and mouth healthy. Not All Candy Is Created Equal: Some candies are better for your teeth than others. Marshmallow peeps and jelly beans are not only high in sugar but their sticky residue can get stuck in your teeth even after brushing which can lead to cavities. Hollow chocolate bunnies and sugar free treats are egg-celent alternatives. Better yet, opt for non-food options such as movie tickets, gift cards or toys such as Legos. Spring Into Action: Once the Easter candy is consumed, take time to brush and floss your teeth. If you or your child have braces, bridgework or crowns, take extra precautions so you don't damage your dental work. If you do chip a tooth or damage dental work, contact your dentist immediately.