During hot summer months, we will do anything to help our bodies cool down, including chewing ice. You've probably been told that chewing ice is bad and here's why. Ice cubes are both cold in temperature and is a hard surface. When your teeth are exposed to extremely cold temperatures, it causes the fibers in the tooth to contract; couple this with your teeth chomping on rock hard surfaces when chewing ice and it has the potential to do serious damage over time. As teeth age over time the more potential there is for a tooth to chip or break. Those who chronically chip ice also experience increased sensitivity to both hot and cold drinks. If you crave chewing on a cold substance, chew on ice chips or shaved ice instead. Another great alternative is chewing on carrot sticks or apple slices which also provide your body with additional nutrients. If a person experiences chronic cravings to chew ice, it is related to anemia which is an iron deficiency. The good news is that anemia can be often corrected by eating more red meat or taking an iron supplement. Other symptoms of anemia include feelings of fatigue and their minds feeling fogged because their bodies are not producing enough oxygen. Of course, you should always consult your doctor for a correct diagnosis.