Yep, there is literally an app for everything, including dentistry. Technology makes everything easier and we think there are apps you need to know about to help take care of your smile. Click on the links below to download some of our favorites: Brush DJ: Brush DJ makes brushing fun while making sure you brush your teeth for a full two minutes (the recommended time for tooth brushing). Every time you open the app it randomly selects a song from your playlist and also reminds you to brush your teeth twice daily. Cost: Free Dentist Phobia: We get it, not everyone loves going to the dentist (although our patients would disagree). Dental Phobia helps easy your fears by providing information and coping strategies helps ease anxiety about visiting the dentist along with treatment strategies. Cost: $.99 Celebrity Dentist Doctor Salon Kids: Kids will have fun being the dentist to the stars while keeping their favorite celebrities teeth cleaned. They can track the performance of their patients and have fun playing this little crazy dentist game! Cost: Free Dentist Office Kids: This is a great app to put kids at ease before they first visit the dentist and has interactive features that familiarize children with everything dentistry. They can choose a patient to treat and even use tools and procedures to care for their patients. DentistOfficeKids2 offers even more features and graphics for kids to enjoy. Cost: Free (with upgrades available for an additional costs) Teeth Whitener: Think Instagram for your teeth! This interactive app allows you to see how you would look like with a brighter smile. You can even compare photos of your teeth to see how they look before and after the filter. Cost: $.99 Braces Help: Braces Help is a interactive guide that helps you care for your braces and resources if you have any problems. Cost: Free   We agree these apps are great, but don't substitute for routine dental visits. Make sure you still schedule your regular appointments with your favorite dentists from Dental Care of Mid-Florida