10 Truths about dentist Dr Owen - dental practice, dental officeAny good dental practice can trace it's success backto it's roots - the dentistswho began the work and set the standard for others to follow. Dr. Ron Owen is the heart and soul of Dental Care of Mid Florida we love to talk about what a unique and fascinating man he is. Here atthedental officewe thought we'd share some of the neatest aspects of Dr. Owen's dentist story that many patients don't even know!

  1. Dr. Owen'sfather was a dentist
  2. Dr. Owenloves airplanes
  3. Dr. Owen has built 2airplanes
  4. Dr. Owen has his real estate license
  5. He dreamed of being a pilot but his need for glasses prevented him from pursuing that dream
  6. He was going to become an air traffic controller
  7. When he got a 93 on the ait traffic controller exam, he fell one point short of passing
  8. That's when Ron decided to follow the path he knew well - dentistry. His dentist story began.
  9. Ron believed he would open his own practice some day and he did!
  10. Dental Care of Mid Florida'steam is THE most highly trained dental team in the county, if not the state. Theircommitment to continued education is what sets them apart as a renowned, dedicated team. Dr. Owen is a catalyst for innovationand forward thinking. The key to his success is that henever stops learning.

These are just a few of many interesting Dr. Owen facts and stories. Are you curious what type of planes he has built? Want to know how Dr. Owen started the dental practice? Interested in why we have two dental office locations? Curious whenDr. Owen and Dr. Foresee partnered? All of this and more is in Dr. Owen's bio. Check out the fascinating dentist story ofour very own Dr. Ron Owen.