Dentist-dr-foresee-10-facts A dream team is when the blend of two or more people's talents and vision surpasses allexpectations. A dream team can go further, reach more people, have a greater impact and grow more united overtime. This dream team is what Dr. Foresee and Dr. Owen have together. Their combined skills and goals make this dental practice thrive year over year. With a dentist like Dr. Foresee around peopleeveryone is impacted for the better. He spreads courageand passion on to his patients and to the staff here at ourdental office. We want to give you a little glimpse at how cool of a guy he is.

  1. Dr. Foresee always wanted to be in the medical profession
  2. Dr. Foresee grew up in Kentucky
  3. He comes froma town of 72 people
  4. Dr. Foresee workedthrough college, the University of Kentucky, with both an orthodontist and a dentist
  5. Family is a top priority toDr. Foresee; he knew a dental career could offer him the best of both worlds - a way to provide medical careand have a balanced familylife.
  6. He practiced dentistry in Kentucky 4 years before moving to Key West for an adventure and change
  7. Dr. Owen sought out a partner at the same time Dr. Foresee wanted to move to Sebring, FL and work for a dental practice.
  8. After one meeting the two Dentists became partners
  9. The Foresee family - wife Misty and two sons - make it a goal to have a home cooked breakfast together every morning.
  10. His greatest passion is making lives better - his work just happens to allow him to share that passion with others daily.

Wouldn't you want a dentist who cares so much about helping people? Dr. Foresee has cultivated his rich love for medical care since he was young. At the same time his passion for care remains constant, Dr. Foreseecontinually adapts to the latest technology so toimprove the level ofcare for his patients. Curious about more of Dr. Foresee's story? This isn't all of it! Readthe fullDr Foresee Dentist bio here. In that post you'll learn more about his family values and how he became the dentist he is today. Shoot on over to Facebook to see how much fun our dental office has day to day.