Teeth don't have to be boring, in fact, we think they are quite fun! We want to share our love of teeth with our readers by providing you fun facts about teeth . We had so much fun creating this list and hope you enjoy learning more about your teeth:

  1. Just like fingerprints, your teeth are totally unique. No two people have the same set of teeth. Everyone's tongue print is also unique.
  2. Humans have four different types of teeth (incisors, canine, premolars, and molars) and each has a specific role in eating. The incisors cut the food, the canines tear the food and the molars and premolars crush the food.
  3. Adults have 32 teeth while children only have 20. Your teeth begin forming before you were born and begin to emerge around 6 months. You will only have two sets of teeth during your lifetime so caring for your teeth is important.
  4. The enamel on your teeth (the top surface) is the hardest part of your body.
  5. Unlike bones, teeth cannot repair themselves so it's important to take care of dental work immediately so you don't further damage your teeth.
  6. The average person will spend 38.5 days during their lifetime brushing their teeth. While dentists recommend you spend 2-3 minutes brushing your teeth, the average American actually spends 45 seconds each tooth brush.
  7. People who are right handed chew food on the right side and people who are left handed chew food on the left side.
  8. Flossing once a day can increase your life expectancy up to 6 years.
  9. Red is the most common color toothbrushes and Americans buy 14 million gallons of toothbrush each year.
  10. A tooth begins to die 15 minutes after it's removed from your mouth. If you put it in a glass of milk, it can slow down the dying process. If this happens, contact us immediately!