When our doctors perform crown restorations they make them to look natural and remain durable for a long, long time.

If for any reason the crown we place does not last we offer a lifetime warranty to our patients who get an inlay, onlay or crown restoration with us. If your restoration from Dental Care of Mid Florida breaks we will replace it at no charge to you providing you kept all of the necessary checkups and cleanings we recommended post restoration. We are committed to lifetime oral health, therefore when we provide a restorative treatment we expect it to last.

*Our lifetime warranty only applies to patients who have full-priced treatments and procedures. For the lifetime warranty to be valid, the patient must keep all required checkups with Dr. Forsee or Dr. Owen. We ask that the patient bring the damaged restoration in with them for the exchange.


*Failure to follow your prescribed continuing care visits (for professional exam, x-rays and cleaning – minimum of two times per year).

*Failure to keep account in good standing.

*Failure complete necessary Periodontal and Endodontic procedures as prescribed by our office to prevent periodontal disease and tooth decay, which have a tendency to spread from tooth to tooth.

*Cash refunds for any treatment rendered.

*Failure or damage to restorations caused by traumatic injuries.

*Broken teeth

*Tooth decay

*Tooth loss due to Periodontal and Gingival Disease

*Gingival Recession causing root exposure.