Typically teenagers are the ones who get braces for their less-than-perfect smile, but that’s not the only acceptable time to get braces. At Dental Care of Mid Florida we believe that a vibrant smile is the most attractive feature on a person. No matter the age, every person deserves a smile they’re satisfied with. We make sure to share our easy adult braces rationale with Sebring FL , Avon Park and beyond.

There is no time better than today to straighten your teeth or correct a bad bite with braces. It’s no lie that roughly one third of all current orthodontic patients are adults.

Why Braces?

Because they work. They are incredibly versatile since they are customized to an individual’s mouth which makes them great at realigning teeth. Regardless of your age, the engineering and purpose of braces is the same.

It may take longer for adult teeth to respond to braces. The reason it takes a little longer is because adults have a fully grown jaw which may be more difficult to readjust. Additionally, adults may have gum disease which prolongs the time needed for orthodontic braces to work. The extra time is well worth it to receive the bold, beautiful, timeless smile at the end of the journey.

How do Adult Orthodontic Braces Work?

You can’t go through life never smiling. That’s too depressing. When adults have misaligned teeth they often have poor self esteem and a low level of confidence because of it. Teeth are hard to hide! Not only are poorly aligned teeth aesthetically displeasing, they may also result in difficulty chewing, biting and even poor speech. Straight teeth and proper alignment is healthier.

Adult Orthodontic Braces: The Different Types

We have compiled a list of the most popular orthodontic braces:

  • Traditional braces – These string braces preserve the whiteness of teeth. The braces have individual brackets that get adhered to each tooth. in between the brackets are arch wires that continually press on the teeth gently. These are typically made of metal but can also be made with a ceramic material that’s closer to the natural color of teeth. While the ceramic braces are typically more comfortable than metal ones, they can sometimes get stained from food, coffee or tea, etc.
  • Invisalign® – Many adults love these aligners. The reason they’re loved is because they’re clear and removable. Invisalign® is made of clear trays. To ensure the optimal results they must be worn for a specific amount of time daily. They are also loved for being less obtrusive and more comfortable than traditional braces. However they have a higher cost, so not all patients choose Invisalign® .
  • Lingual braces – Lingual braces are made of metal but adhered to the inside of the teeth near the tongue. Patients choose these because they’re hidden. In some instances, lingual braces interfere with speech.

Benefits of Straight Teeth:

  • Reduced tooth decay
  • Lower periodontal disease likelihood
  • Lower tooth injury
  • Better digestive health

Improved Orthodontic Braces For Adults

A wide range of fixed and removable orthodontic devices are available for adults. Depending on the precise classification of the malocclusion the dentists determine necessary braces for that individual patient.

Commonly, we see malocclusions that are an underbite–when the top teeth set behind the lower teeth, or overcrowded teeth–when the teeth are squished together from lack of available room for adult teeth.

Our orthodontists always recommend that any pre-existing dental conditions get treated before the braces go on. This ensures proper effectiveness of the braces and minimizes the negative effects of untreated oral conditions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about adult braces Florida. We are happy to help you get closer to the bright smile you want.